Friends of Old Wymering (FOW)



Finding your way around the website

The navigation bar (showing the blue section names) is near the top of each page just underneath the Friends of Old Wymering banner. Move your cursor to cover the required section in the navigation bar. If there are multiple topics in that section then a drop-down list will appear. Click on the section or topic you wish to read.

Alternatively you can go to the Contents section and 'link' from there.


The green numbers with a dotted line underneath indicate a footnote. e.g. 1
Similarly green words with a dotted line underneath indicate an abbreviation or explanation. e.g. FOW
Hover the cursor over them to see the details.


Click on the large green arrows (at the bottom right of the screen) to jump the screen display to the top or the bottom of the webpage when the webpage is larger than the screen. It saves scrolling up and down.